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Who is Peggy Cantwell?

My name is Peggy Cantwell and I have been working in Real Estate since 2004.  I grew up in a small town in upstate New York where I learned from my Dad, who sold Insurance in my town, that clients are not just clients they are friends. 


As a Realtor at Keller Williams, I care about making the process of buying or selling a house as easy as possible for my clients.  I strive to communicate with clients about each step of the process.  I will listen your needs as a buyer or seller. 


My first career was as a stay at home Mom.  Taking care of a family is a lifelong career and the right house can make that job a lot easier.  As a mother of four, I spent years taking my kids to sports practices, boy scouts, and school activities.  


Having lived in the area for more than 20 years I have seen my neighborhood and the areas around it change and grow.  I know the market and benefits of neighborhoods from Cedar Hills Boulevard to Forest Grove, from Skyline Drive to Tigard, Southwest Portland and everything in between. 


My job as your Realtor is to make this experience positive so you can spend your time enjoying making memories in your new home.  Your home is an investment in your family.  I am here to help you find the right house to make a home. 


Why put off your dreams of owning the perfect home until tomorrow when today is a great day to buy or sell a home! 


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